We Love Our Boy!

Hi Brenda,

I don't know if you remember me because i was like 6 at the time, now 13. My parents are Karen and Tom . We got one of Lady Jane and Bounders pups.He is not a pup anymore, he's now almost 8.

I just wanted to say Thank You so much. He is such a wonderful dog, and i don't think anyone could ask for a better dog then him. Even people that hate dogs, love Him. He's a big teddy bear and such a joy to be around. He's a big, lazy boy who just wants a ton of love and gives you 100% love back 27/ 7. My dad's friend loves Him to death. Everytime he comes over our house our boy paces at the window waiting for him to come in and roll all over the floor with him.

He's also so good with my 5 yr old sister. She'll lay on him and he'll just kiss her for hours. He's also very protective of her. Its so cute. The other day my sister went to go to her friends house across the street and my mom let him out to go to the bathroom and he'll just watch her until she get's in the house then he'll go do his stuff. It's like he's parenting her.

Today, March 19, 07 we brought him up to Hampton beach (Even though for some reason he HATES water? Don't know why, we never forced him.) before he's not allowed to be on it and it was so hilarious watching him run back and forth with his tongue hanging out to the side.

A recent thing we've been noticing with him,is if were not petting him in the morning or if were walking him and come across another dog and start petting the other dog, he'll sit there and point his big, brown eyes at you and start to whine. Its so adorable.

In the morning he's so cute! He'll have his stuffed, fake, yellow ducky in his mouth and he'll grunt like a pig and he'll snort and bounce around until we greet him with a long pat.

The one thing me and my mom were talking about the other night thats bad about having a lab is, if they do something wrong its hard to stay mad at them for over a minute because there so stinkin' cute!

Our neighbors The Kimballs, Also bought a dog off of you. Major,and him are the best of buds. They love running back and forth in the yard together.

The other day we brought him to a kids park near us and walked him down to the river behind it. This super nice lady and her two kids came running up to us freaking out, about how beautiful they thought he was. She mentioned she had been looking for a good English Style Lab Breeder and we gave her your website. So you'll probabally be getting a call from her or already did.

Well I think its time for me to go. I just want to thank you for this wonderful dog, friend, and life time cutie. You have a gift for breeding beautiful Labs and no Lab beats the Labs that come from you. Thank you so much, good luck with your breeding program,and keep up the excellent work!