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  1. Remember do not e-mail, Please call or text.     if you need to e-mail me call me to tell me to look for your e-mail .. I have over a thousand in my in box just cant keep up.   Thanks Brenda

Stud fee: $2,000 for a 1 or 2 Collections ( during one heat cycle). ( on the 4 boys)

If shipping semen : service fee: $500 non-refundable ($1,500 balance due within 14 days after litter is born).  Fees are due upfront and prior to first shipment of semen.  A litter is defined as two live puppies.  

 * for side by side breedings the stud fee is due up front at time of breeding.( or special arrangements can be made.)

** another option is : $200.00 more for any single- more or extra collection ( if you want your girl bred a 3rd time in this one heat cycle)  (some people get nervous about their timing and feel safer with one more covering.)

The bitch owner is responsible for all shipping charges,These expenses include shipping kits, FedEx charges, Airline Counter to Counter, and shuttle service to the airport. These expenses are payable at the time of the breeding.  Which can be prepaid with either a credit card or Federal Express account number.  The bitch owner is responsible for cost of extender and shipping boxes.  If you would like to have extender and/or shipping boxes sent to us please find our mailing address below.   If you need to “rent” my boxes there is a $20 per box rental fee and the boxes must be returned within 14 days of receipt.  Please check to make sure we have rental boxes on hand in advance.  We try to keep extender on hand but you will need to verify that we have some in stock in advance.  

 If the full stud fee is paid, we guarantee a litter ( 2 live pups) or you get one repeat breeding on that bitch or any bitch owned by you will be given with 1 year. minus a $200.00 service fee, for use of my boy and my time.( So this means when you bring your girl back you will be charged $200.00.

 A few thoughts about Stud Service, if the bitch fails to produce a litter(2 Livepups), rebreeds will be given, minus a $200.00 service fee, for use of my boy and my time.( So this means when you bring your girl back you will be charged $200.00.

If the original stud is no longer available for service, the bitch owner may choose any other stud dog, owned by Integrity Farm. If the original bitch is no longer available to fulfill the breeding, another bitch may be substituted. There will be no refunds of stud fees. and you have one year to use this rebreeding or just give up your service fee. As a stud dog owner I retain the right to refuse any breedings at any time.

 We ask that progesterone testing be utilized to determine the optimal date of shipping and insemination. 

After a litter is whelped, breeder will send a completed AKC Litter Registration Form to Integrity Farm for signature of the Owner of the Sire portion of the form. Integrity Farm will then forward forms on to the AKC. If you prefer, a fast and easy way to complete a Litter Registration is online from the AKC Web site. 

*****     The owner of the bitch will contact   MOFA  


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if you are more comfortable with clone or another company that is fine with me. But MOFA formaly known as mini tube has great extenderwith lost of benifits.  

 Please contact them to arrange for cooled semen shipping kits to be sent to Integrity Farm prior to the breeding time.

 Accurate timing is the most critical factor in the success of breeding via shipped semen. Guessing and using prior breeding times for a bitch is a waste of everyone’s time and money. Please contact a good reproduction veterinarian for progesterone level testing.

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This is the Long Term extender. Simular to the 10 day.  from MOFA