Mars Shimmings

Dear Brenda,

Mars has been in our family here in Freehold, NJ for approximately two and a half years now and the 308 mile one way trek to your farm in Derry, NH was the most worthwhile and rewarding journey that our family has ever made.

Mars is regularly complemented for his temperament, excellent coat and general handsome features. This is especially pleasing on the numerous occasions that various vets have been so enthusiastic when they give Mars his routine exams, immunizations, etc. I am frequently encouraged by these vets, (and also others, including his former obedience trainers), to get Mars certified as an official therapy dog due to his temperament. All of these features are thanks to your excellent breeding skills and I have recommended you warmly to all that have enquired with regard to his origin.

There are those that think that I am crazy to have travelled so far to obtain a responsibly well bred healthy Chocolate Labrador Puppy, but the justification of what a delightful and healthy dog that brings us so much joy is evident for all to see! There are so many irresponsible breeders out there! Even if I had not bought a puppy from you, your website is an excellent education resource for all responsbile potential owners.

When we purchase our next puppy we will make the trek back to you all over again. The only difference will be to split the 612 miles over two days instead of within one! That first journey served him well in retrospect as he travels with us without any complaints at all. Over July 4th weekend this year we drove up and around to the Adirondacks and Vermont, based in Burlington, VT with one of the nights spent in the local VCA vet boarding facility while we went up to Montreal, and all the others in a local four star hotel. Mars was his usual well tempered self throughout.

As you can see from the photos, Mars is a true Labrador in that he simply adores swimming and retrieving things in our pool!

If you ever need any form of testimonial or reference I would be delighted to be of assistance.

Thank you so much for such a wonderful addition to our family,

Louise Shimmings