Make the Holidays Safe and Stress-Free for Your Pet

If you’re like most people, you’re currently in the midst of another incredibly busy holiday season. With planning, traveling, baking, shopping, get-togethers with friends and family, there seems to be no end to the to-do list … or the holiday stress. Unfortunately, during all of the hustle and bustle, we sometimes forget about the needs of our four-legged family members.

Companion animals can be overwhelmed by visitors, the smells coming from the kitchen, and the curious colors and textures of holiday decorations in the home. The holidays offer up unique hazards for our pets. In fact, every year thousands of pets are seriously injured or sickened by dangers that could have been easily prevented. In most of these cases, pet parents are simply unaware of the risks associated with holiday food, treats and decorations. Many plants are very dangerous. crate your dog in a place that is quiet and comfortable for him or her when things seem to get a little crazy with company and gift. Sometime just the excitement of company can cause your pet to misbehave..

Many of these holiday hazards, including decorations and food risks that might be present in your home right now.Surviving the holiday season with less stress and more joy is everyone's goal..

Be sure to share this with your friends and family. Who knows … one of the gifts you give may be saving the life of a furry companion!