Holiday Cooking Dangers

Thanksgiving is quickly approaching! Here are some Thanksgiving safety tips provided by the ASPCA©. & us

Sage may make your Thanksgiving stuffing delicious, but it and other herbs contain essential oils and resins that can cause problems for your pet if eaten in large quantities!

Bread dough is a no-no for your pets – if raw bread dough is ingested by an animal, its body heat causes the dough to rise in their stomach, which could lead to a life-threatening emergency.

While the humans are chowing down on Thanksgiving Dinner, offer your pet their own little feast. You could give your dog a Nylabone, or your cat could enjoy a Kong Toy! This will keep them happily occupied while you enjoy your dinner.

Oh ya be carefull for those hot oven doors! they try to get a good wiff of good food and a burn can be the result. Also I know Bella loves to lie down on the mat in front of the sink, yes she is often under our feet but it can be very dangerous when we are dumping boiling water in the sink.

Enjoy the coming fall weather, and have a Happy Thanksgiving!