Emma, an Integrity Farms Black Lab

Hello Brenda, my wife Marilyn arranged to acquire a female black lab puppy from you in 2011. Her parents were Gucci and Mason, and we named her Emma. She is our fourth lab, and is truly a magnificent dog. She is as close to perfect as a dog can be. She is beautiful to look at, full of love and always keen to play. She gets at least two long walks every day and an hour or so of fetch and or Frisbee, and is always ready for more. She did agility training which she took to right off, and loved it. She also completed therapy dog testing. There are several other dogs in the neighborhood that she plays with in the yard, but it is time for a puppy sister, as she loves other dogs, especially labs, almost as much as she loves people. As one of the neighbors said, "Emma loves everyone and everyone loves Emma". Integrity Farms can rightfully be proud of the job you do, because if Emma is representative, your dogs are simply wonderful. Marilyn sent you an application for a puppy last week and we wanted to send you a few thoughts on Emma, and the attached photos.