Hi Brenda

Just a quick not to tell you how much joy Dory has brought to the house and to our other lab, Hattie. There was a week and half adjustment period on Hattie's part but after that they are best of buds. Dory will go right up to Hattie and take the chewy right out of her mouth then they chase one another around the house. They are so mush fun, and fun to watch them interact.

I am so glad we found your kennel. It's one of the nicest facility we have ever seen and very well run. I will no problem recommending Integrity Farms to anyone looking for a GOOD lab breeder. I know Dr. Rabaut has mentioned your name to several clients already and so have I.

Thanks again Brenda for everything we have just fallen in love with that little yellow girl and so has Hattie.

Rose Ann

Dr. Rabaut is sending you a picture
Dr. Susan Rabaut, DVM
Framingham Animal Hospital