AKC Papers: Info You Need To Know

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AKC Registration Papers  ---this page was updated 2001 price and info have gone up--this is basic info.
       You do not have to register your pup with AKC, if YOU choose not to. 
But, if you want your Pup AKC registered this is what needs to be done, and needs to be done at the time you pick up your pup: 
At time of pick up. You need to provide the following information along with payment for AKC.  If you choose not to have your pup AKC registered at the time of pickup, then your pup will not be registered with the AKC ever. 

Please choose one of the following 1, 2, or 3. and make your personal check out to the American Kennel Club for the amount shown below or have Visa/MasterCard information at time of pickup. 
No Cash. 
Prices &what they give you; are subject to change per AKC rules not mine. 

Please Note: All items are mailed separately 
Step 1) Do not make out checks till you have the actuall AKC papers in front of us, On pick up day. Because sometimes they run specials we won't know till pick up day.
So have a blank check made out to AKC no money amout till you fill out the form on pick up day.

Option 3 = $20.00 
* AKC Registration only (Most commonly used)  
Option 2  Silver= $39.00 
* 3 generation AKC certified pedigree (traces back 3 generation of your dogs ancestry) 
* AKC Registration 
Option 3 Gold = $47.00 
* Dog care & Training Video 
* 3 generation AKC certified pedigree 
* AKC Registration 
*1 year AKC Family Dog Magazine 
Add Lost & Found Option;  For  $12.00   More 
• Lifetime enrollment in recovery service 
• A collar tag with your dog’s AKC registration number. For more Info visit www.akc.org/lostfound  or call AKC Companion Animal Recovery 1800-252-7894.  

1. You need to choose a name for your pup 28-character or less including spaces, commas etc. ** This is a “Title” a unique name that will appear on your pups AKC Papers. Example: “ Smiths  Super  Dog  of  NH” you can use  MA, Ct, anything to make it unique. Last name town what ever you wish, Because AKC says you have the right to name the pup.  

** This is not the everyday “Call Name” that you have chosen for your pup.  Example: “Buddy, Becky, Max” etc.  A “Call Name” is not needed for AKC Papers, nor is it needed at time of pickup. You can choose this after your pup is home when you get to know him or her better.. 

Print one letter per space. Skip a space between words. Choose a unique name. Do not use numbers. Names are subject to AKC approval. Once a dog is registered, its name cannot be changed. 

2. You will need to know who’s name is going to be on the dogs papers as the owner/owners or co-owners. 

3. Please remember that the above table is only a example of the AKC forms. If you have any questions please ask. The AKC papers are very important and must be filled out properly. They do not accept cross out, whiteout nor will they send a duplicate form.  You can practice on this paper. 

NOTE: The Original AKC Papers never leave my home and only I mail them in. So please have the information you need with you at time of pick up. Thank You. 
Please Read. If you decide you do not want to register your pup with the AKC Please sign: 

I CHOOSE NOT TO REG MY PUP: _____________________________________________________